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Featured by:
Southern Living 2001


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Building Information

Tranquility Knoll was completed in Sept 2001 and presented as a Southern Living show home for 90 days beginning 1st Sept 2001. The home received coverage in all major news media in Atlanta. The home was described as the "finest example" of an arts and crafts cottage style home.
In September 2001 Bob Timberlake held a book signing event at the home and presented a certificate of compliance and a plaque for the home. During the event Bob Timberlake also chose the name "Tranquility Knoll" for the home from a large collection of names suggested by visitors to home.

For information on Bob Timberlake organization please visit their website.
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Furniture and Accessories

Tranquility Knoll is a unique masterpiece as it is the only home which was exclusively designed and equipped with Bob Timberlake line of licensed products. The home is offered with Furniture (Bob Timberlake Collection by Lexington) Accessories, accent pieces, table lamps, rugs, paintings & prints. These accessories go to complete the interiors with a common theme ensuring a smooth flow of concept and design from room to room.
In order to keep this fascinating theme intact, the furniture and accessories are offered as an option at a special price. The home with these additions is so complete that all one has to do is walk-in with their suitcases and feel at home almost immediately.

Some of the furniture is personally autographed by Bob Timberlake, making them an invaluable addition to this masterpiece collector's home.

Prices of the optional accessories and for a full inventory, contact the sales agents at the time of purchase.

 Suppliers Consortium

Tranquility Knoll embodies the true spirit of the arts and crafts style by having a consistent look and feel throughout the house achieved by the use of the same high quality building components in all three levels. Bob Timberlake brand products, manufactured by the following licenses for both construction and decoration were used in the house. All other products used were checked with the Bob Timberlake interior design group for consistency in quality and texture.


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